About us

Our valued Guest, we are glad you took a moment to read About us.

Masters Travel Service Georgia has been established in 2013. Within the past 2 years we have succeeded in building a vast loyal audience, who trusts in our services, and today, thanks to the trust of our loyal clients,  we are providing customized Tours in Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, Arminia, Azarbijan & Egypt.

With our long experience in the Tourism field, that started in Egypt in the 1980s, we understand and know the needs of our clients and guests. We do our utmost to meet their wishes and to make their holidays a memorable experience, as they want it to be.

We do believe in providing personalized services and always strive to raise our quality. With your help and support we are able to always take our services a step further.

We are happy to be able to serve you.

Best regards

Muhammad Lasheen

Managing Director