About Georgia

                         Flag_of_Georgia.svg                                   Map of Georgia

Georgia is located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia. It lays at the eastern end of the Black Sea, with Turkey and Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan to the east, and Russia to the north, over the Caucasus Mountains. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. Georgia’s total territory covers 69,700 square kilometers. Population in Georgia is almost 5 million. Official language is Georgian. Country is unitary semi-presidential republic. Georgian currency is Georgian Lari () (GEL). The native name of Georgia is “Sakartvelo”. The climate of Georgia is extremely diverse, considering the nation’s small size. The highest mountain in Georgia is Mount Shkhara at 5,068 meters.

A large majority of Georgia’s population (83.9% in 2002) practices Orthodox Christianity.

Largest cities and towns of Georgia are : Tbilisi; Kutaisi; Batumi; Rustavi; Zugdidi; Gori; Poti; Khashuri; Samtredia.

What to do:


It is the oldest city in Georgia and part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is located 20 kilometers north of Tbilisi and definitely worth a visit.



The former capital of Georgia, its second largest city and the home of the government.



A region in north-west Georgia known for its architectural treasures and picturesque  landscapes. Its also part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.



The eastern region of Georgia and it is Georgia’s premier wine-producing area. Also rich in history with a lot Monasteries like the complex of Davit Gareja, the picturesque hilltop of Sighnaghi and mansions of the main town, Telavi.


Georgian Military Highway

North from Tbilisi and up though the Caucasus to the Russian border runs the famed Georgian military highway. Celebrated by poets and feared by military leaders over many long centuries, it served as an important link between Europe and Asia since ancient times.


With Batumi as the capital city on the Black sea, it is Georgias borders to Turkey. The main attractions of the region beside this famous sea side city are the Botanical gardens and Gonio castle. 


The Great Caucasus

The highest mountain range in Europe stretching 1200 km from the Black to the Caspian Sea.  Also Europes highest peak, the Mount Elbrus,is located in the Caucasian Mountains.


Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

One of the largest and probably most stunning national parks in Europe. Borjomi is known for its mineral water springs.


Bagrati Cathedral

Another highlight on the UNESCO World Heritage list and a masterpiece in the history of modern and medieval Georgian architecture. It is located in the city of Kutaisi.

Gelati Monastery

The monastery for a long time was one of the main cultural and intellectual centers in Georgia and to date one of the most visited sights in the country.


Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi (Sameba)

Commonly known as Sameba you can seethe church from almost everywhere in the city. Its a brand new church, only completed in 2004 and the third tallest Eastern Orthodox church in the world.


Narikala Castle

A big fortress overlooking Tbilisi and the Kura  river. Its a great place to visit where you can also enjoy a great view over the whole city. 



One of the oldest  neighborhoods  in town. Its located on an elevated cliff with a little chapel on top. Another great spot, especially in the evening when the sun is about to set


Turtle Lake

Nicely located on an elevated hill.Enjoy a chilled relaxed atmosphere, as well as a walk around the lake or also take a pedal boat in the lake.


Mtatsminda Amusement Park

The park is located just next to the TV tower. It is full of great rides.


The Old City

Take a stroll through the city and visit the major places such the Georgian State Museum, the Presidential Palace& the Freedom Square. Walk and explore the local markets.


Nightlife in Tbilisi

This is a great guide for clubs and bars in Georgias capital.


The Georgian Cuisine:

The cuisine of Georgia is justly famous throughout the region. Popular "national" dishes include "khachapuri" (A cheese filled bread, it more resembles cheese pie) and khinkali (minced, spiced meat in a dumpling, served in enormous quantities). While the khachapuri comes with every meal, khinkali is usually reserved for its own separate meal, where Georgian men will down 15 huge dumplings like its no big deal.

Mtsvadi, a tasty grilled chunks of marinaded pork or veal on stick with onions, is another staple. But this is by no means the end of the list of wonderful dishes, usually flavored with garlic, coriander, walnuts, and dill. A traditional Georgian feast (supra) is truly a sight to behold, with a spread that no group could finish, accompanied by at least 20 toasts set to wine or brandy.

For a quick snack you can try all variety of "ghvezeli" pastry stuffed with meat, potatoes, cheese, or other ingredients, usually sold in markets and on the side of the street.  Try and get your hands on Ajabsandali, a sort of vegetable ratatouille, made differently according to each familys recipe, and which is wonderful. Another streak of dishes made out of lamb (chanakhi, chakapuli) is simply delicious. Finally, there are a lot of vegetarian dishes (mostly in western parts of Georgia) which are surprisingly tasty and accompany most of local parties with heavy wine drinking.